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'Wooden Whirls' Heritage Wall Clock With Wood Carving

'Wooden Whirls' Heritage Wall Clock With Wood Carving

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  • SKUEL-001-050
  • ColorBlack
  • MaterialBORDER: Mango Wood, BASE: Recycled Wood, TOP: Glass
  • Dimension TOTAL (L * W * H) = (12.0 * 2.0 * 12.0), DIAL (DIA) = 6.0 Inch
  • Note 1) Requires 1 AA Battery. 2) Battery is not included. 3) As this product is handcrafted and handpainted there might be a slight colour and design variation which is natural and hence makes the product unique.
  • Art Type Wood Carving
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Delicately handcrafted and hand-carved in mango wood by craftspeople from Jodhpur, ‘Wooden Whirls’ is a classic heritage circular wall clock that entraps the charismatic elegance of luxurious royal cultures. The clock frame has an intricate fine coil pattern hand-carved in wood, maintaining it's beautiful black colour, inspired from the vibrant culture of royalty. Jodhpuri artisans have blended Indian royal richness with the subtle off white and black clock dial in the centre of a European flavour, which reads ‘Royal Clock Works; Birmingham est. 1792’, complete with Roman numerics celebrating a historic world clock-making centre. They have skilfully used recycled wood as the base and finished it with a well set glass top. This wall clock is handcrafted with love, bringing an aura of grandeur and vintage luxury to your favourite spaces, filling your heart with timeless royal goodness whenever you look up to see the time.

- Perfect to be put up in a living room or office.
- The clock frame depicts intricate hand carved fine coil pattern in wood.
- The border has been handcrafted in mango wood while the base has been handcrafted in recycled wood.
- Hand Embellished with Black colour.
- Comes in the following dimensions:
TOTAL: 12.0" (L), 2.0" (W), 12.0" (H),
DIAL: 6.0" Inch in size.
- It will definitely add an aura of grandeur & rich royal culture to your homes.

From the beginning of time, royal families all over the world have been looked up to, celebrated and loved deeply. They have forever defined class, aristocracy and beauty, setting certain benchmarks of quality and culture that everyone wished to inherit into their lives. Pre 1700s, clocks in Europe were a luxury only the royalty could afford, before Birmingham in England began producing clocks for everyone, keeping alive the simplicity of classic pastel colours, roman numerics and engravings on wood and metal. In India, we have increasingly associated royal culture with Rajasthan; it’s rich heritage of thriving palaces and preserved aristocratic wonders defined by the timeless beauty of rich floral motifs, vibrant textures in royal colours and beautiful engravings. For centuries, artisans in Rajasthan have carved and crafted in woods and metals to produce luxurious works of art for royalty, that are celebrated for their finesse and grandeur till date.

Breaking all barriers of time and eras, 'Timeless In Time’ is a collection of vintage wall clocks inspired from Indian Royalty blended with the subtle flavour of English clock dials and skilfully handcrafted in wood, brass and other metals by artisans from the rich lands of Jodhpur. The classic interpretation of two vibrant historic cultures and their elegant translation into magnificent pieces of art by Jodhpuri craftspeople, is complemented beautifully with their quality of handwork in engraving, embossing and finish in each of these clocks. The usage of an immensely rich colour palette of gorgeous vintage metallic hues on brass and fine carvings on natural woods brings in the flavour of royal luxury to your homes. The detailed addition of motifs, simple basic shapes and extraordinary indigenous Indian craft forms makes these wall clocks pieces of art, rather than just functional products. This collection of blended cultures, is a royal tale, handcrafted with love, to add a timeless fragment of rich royal culture to your favourite spaces.

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