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Wooden Handmade & Hand-Painted Bird Decorative Hanging

Wooden Handmade & Hand-Painted Bird Decorative Hanging

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  • ColorMulticolour
  • MaterialWood & Bamboo
  • Dimension TOTAL (L * W * H) = (7 * 1 * 15.3), BIRD (L * W * H) = (4.5 * 1.1 * 1.4) Inch
  • Note As this product is handcrafted, there might be a slight color variation, which is natural, hence makes it unique.
  • Art Type Handmade With Burnt Design using the Pyrography Art.
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Hand carved in bamboo and wood, this beautiful decorative hanging charm has been handcrafted with love from the land of Haryana using an ancient technique of wood finishing called pyrography. Burning the wood with different pressures of fire gives it a semi dark natural finish which is complemented a bright multi coloured hand-carved and hand-painted birds signifying the beauty of winds. When wind passes through this charm, the delicately detailed bamboo sticks at the end of the hanging, loosely clatter to make the most feel good rustic rhythms that liven up any space. An art piece that doubles up as a feel good product for your favourite spaces, this ethnic hanging charm also makes the perfect gift product for your loved ones.

- It can be used as a decorative hanging in your living room or workspace .
- Depicts wooden handcarving using pyrography art.
- Beautiful Hand-Painting has been done on the bird & bamboo sticks.
- Handcrafted in Wood & Bamboo.
- It is Hand-Painted in Muticolour.
- Comes in the following dimensions:
TOTAL: 7” (L), 1” (W), 15.3” (H),
BIRD: 4.5” (L), 1.1” (W), 1.4” (H) Inches.
- It will make any space come alive with its soft rustic rhythms of the bamboo sticks.

This collection "Dancing Winds" is inspired from the happy respite that sudden winds bring to tropical summer lands. The beautiful natural wooden and coconut shell hangings have been handcrafted with love for your favourite home and work spaces. When a scorching summer afternoon turns into a windy evening of a crimson sunset, the birds span their wings and glide through the breeze and windows are opened up, there is a wish that the beauty of the cool air be retained. The artisans of Kutchh, skilled in pyrography, have used this craft of burning wood and coconut shell in much detail that gives these hangings the unique ethnic finish and brings a rustic baritone to the melody that they produce. The use of the communal metal bells from Kutchh bring the much needed rhythm to the windy days. The addition of brightly hand painted birds and butterflies to these products, bring in the hope of flight, as the wind passes through the hanging-charms and chimes making them clatter and clinker in the most beautiful ways.

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