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Similar to your interior walls and gadgets, your furniture too demands to be upgrade and wherever possible, enhanced with new additions. The vital idea behind upgrading your kitchen space and furniture is to include the current trends and ideas in the shape of modern furniture. As a result, your interior becomes a subject of worthy notice by your friends, neighbours and guests. Who does not wish to be appreciated for a classic taste in style after all! identifies your desire to outshine with your furniture collection, which is why it brings to you a selective range of furniture, from dining tables to coasters that can enhance the look of your interiors. is a premium online platform for furniture shopping that offers a completely hassle free experience to its customers. Our flexible payment options and browsing modes offer a friendly shopping environment. The benefit of shopping with us is based importantly around the idea that authentic furniture is hard to find in common market places. We wish to offer our customers with the best in line in the category of wooden furniture for a fulfilling experience.

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Looking for an up gradation to your existing bar tools and glassware? Come to where you will find shot glasses at attractive prices. Our collection is focused at being the most unique and selective among other furniture shops. Our sophisticated collection of barware glasses will surely take your interest at the first glance. Here, you will find premium quality shot glasses which can be used for serving your selected vodka drinks to your guests and friends. We have sourced our selection from trusted manufacturers to ensure durability and consistency of these glasses. Acting as base to these glasses are bamboo holders to ensure that the glasses do not spill liquid unnecessarily. The multicolour holders are an attractive design feature by themselves. The eco-friendly make of these holders make them a smart choice for your interiors. The bamboo holders propose to exhibit an ethnic yet contemporary design. The hand crafted make of the holders keep the style alive in spite of its simple look.

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Drinking your selected bottle of vodka will make you realise that some degree of drinking experience is enhanced by the containers in which the drink is served. This implies that while being the host for an evening party at your home, your selection of bar items is substantially going to exhibit your preference and taste for kitchen accessories. Our collection of vodka shot glasses will surely leave an impact on your guests. The intelligent and smart design of the holders will further accentuate the storage and placing of the shot glasses. The contemporary design of the glasses will be highly appreciated as a gift to a friend or a loved one.

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