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Does a pen stand ring any bell in your mind? Perhaps yes. The same old monotonous spherical stands are so synonymous with the idea of pen stands. The similarity with this idea of a pen stand is so strict that we are hardly able to think about another dimension of a pen stand. has been around for quite a while now and thoroughly despises the idea of monotonous furniture. We hate keeping you from a new world of furniture, which is why our team is dedicated to bring furniture to you that can strike your attention and make you think beyond the ordinary. Now a pen stand for example, is meant to store pens and other stationery. Certainly, it isn’t listed in any rule book that the stand has to be a sphere alone or a rectangle only. You can get rid of all your old and boring pen stands right away and bring a fresh wave of pleasantness to your home and office furniture with our exciting range of pen stands.

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Now that we have got your interest towards our pen stands collection, we are sure that you are eager to know what is so special about our collection. So here it is. In authentic materials made from wood, terracotta, and mango wood, you will find a colourful creative and designer collection of pen stands at We have designed our collection with exclusive art types of block painting and hand painted designs. Beautiful and striking designs, complete with traditional designs can be found in our collection. You will also find pot designed pen stands with decorated thread work and intricate paintings. You can also find creatively designed pen stands that double up as paper weights. Beautiful and vibrant colours have been used to decorate the surface of these pen stands. So, if you were looking for something to gift to your friends and loved ones, something that is creative enough to entice anyone, then you know what you can gift them now. We are sure that exquisite range of pen holders will definitely help you make a wise selection!