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Customisation to home décor is seemingly endless if you plan to refurbish your interiors with new furnishings. In any case, there is a lot to be gained by decorating your interiors. You get a chance to put your creative side ahead of you and plan exactly how best to highlight your personal choices. Name plates are another element of home furnishing that should not be overlooked for their mere size. We all know very well what a name plate is meant for. However, the only customisation left to be done on a name plate, after your name of course, is how you wish to decorate it. You might have perhaps seen many hand painted name plates outsides homes, courtesy the artists in the hill station Manali. However, if you are looking for something more permanent and durable, you must certainly browse the collection of name plates at Our collection is guaranteed to make you want to replace your existing name plates with ours. Oh, and not to forget, you will find these name plates utterly attractive, so much that you can even put them on your list of gifting options for near and dear ones.

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Want to leave a high impression on your guests, right from the moment they enter your home? Our designer name plate collection is meant just for that. There is a high element of uniqueness and authentic design work on these name plates. There is a reason why we proudly boast of our collections of furniture. We work hard to bring to you a selection of name plates, which are essentially designer and creative expressions of modern day art. What more could you ask for, from a name plate. We give you the option to get your name written in the way you like, which is why our collection is highly customisable. Rest assured, quality and durability are two features that we never sacrifice with. Also, you get this brilliant customisable name plate at reasonably attractive prices, which is really all you could have asked for. has the most amazing name plates for home or office online

Want to know what makes our name plates collection so different? We make use of pure terracotta and mango wood for making our name plates. You can find an assortment of colours to choose from for your customisable name plate. What is more to these name plates are the ethnic art of Dhokra and Warli hand paintings on the surface, which add a traditional touch to our collection. Bright colours and madhubani painting decorate the borders and name style of the plates. We can ship our name plates internationally if you like. Buy a name plate at today to accentuate the look of your entrance. Check out the vivid collection now!