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It has been rightly said. If you really want to, at your own risk though, tease a woman, give her ample clothes and jewellery to adorn and lock her inside a room, bereft of a mirror. A woman finds a true best friend in a mirror more than any other person. Whether she is leaving her home for an outing or not, she will evaluate herself standing in front of a mirror some ten times every time after she dresses up. So, the relative importance of a mirror is really hard to miss. If you are really looking forward to impress your lady, then a hand held mirror is the item you should be gifting her. While you are it, where else to find quality furniture than! A hand held mirror is apt for a woman who travels often, so that it can be easily placed inside her purse and brought to use whenever she is up for her next makeup round.

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When you are giving a gift to a woman or even if you are simply buying it for yourself, probably you don’t only want a mirror but a wholesome item that completely fits the idea of a hand held mirror. brings just the right thing for you. We have included some amazingly designed hand held mirrors in our collection, so that you can adorn and pamper yourself in style. Our exclusive ‘Queen collection’ has been devoted to speciality hand held mirrors. You can use these hand held mirrors not just for travel purpose but also for adorning your dressing tables or walls. Every piece of our Queen collection is a definition of uniqueness in itself.

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What exactly is so different about hand held mirrors at that you will not find elsewhere! For this, you have to know that every hand held mirror in our collection is based on authentic sheesham or steam beech wood and is available in an assortment of colours. While you will get these face mirrors at attractive prices on our website, we have more features to offer in our collection. The borders of the mirrors are uniquely shaped and edged to give an altogether different and enhancing appearance to these mirrors. You can make your selection from a variety of shapes in which the mirrors are indented. The exotic and vibrant colours of these mirrors make them all the more appealing. Moreover, you will find pretty carvings on the handles of these mirrors which add to the attraction quotient of these mirrors. In spite of the vibrancy in the colours and modern day glass material, you will not be able to expel the feel of ethnicity by the looks of each of the mirrors. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a brilliant looking face mirror from Exclusive lane!