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After a long tiring day at work when you enter the house, all you need is a calm and peaceful environment at home. Our home should be decorated in such a way that it should provide us with a soothing atmosphere and along with that should satisfy all our needs and comforts. The colour of the walls, the furniture and the placement of the accessories, all of them play an important role in the decoration of our home. One of the integral items of our home decoration is our religious statues. All over the world people follow different religions and have various different beliefs. Thus people keep the idol and statues of the gods and goddesses they believe in. Apart from the god statues, a lot of people also decorate their house with various religious statues and figurines. They act as a symbol of their worshipped god and keep up their religious beliefs.

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In older times, the religious statues were only kept in the special corner of the house, where they were securely kept and worshipped daily. But nowadays, people have started keeping the religious statues and figurines at their office and workplaces, in their shops or even carry small figurines with themselves everywhere they go. The religious statues can also be an amazing decorative item which you can place at a special area near the entrance of your house and decorate the area with lights or candles. If you are fighting with a space crunch, then you can also hang the figurine (which has a flat base and a holder to hang) at the entrance of your house. If your friend or family has bought a new house and you are too confused to think for gift, then nothing can be better than a religious statue or a figurine. This would act as a symbol of warmth and prosperity for the new house of your friend or family. Or if you are someone who loves keeping up a collection of antique statues of various gods, then you can buy god’s idol online and transform your living room into a beautiful space. Are you someone who believes in carrying their lucky charm always along with yourself? Then shop for a miniature statue and keep in safely in your purse or bag and your lucky charm will always be around you.

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