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“Home is where our heart is”- this proverb is indeed true for almost all of us. Our home is a place where we are the most comfortable and relaxing. We put in all our efforts to make our home a better place to live in and that includes decorating our home as well. From beautifully painted walls to the matching cushions, from artistically crafted furniture to the proper light fixtures, we pay a lot of attention and detail while putting them up. One of the most significant items for most of our houses is the idol of our gods and goddesses. We place them at a very secure and pious place at our home and we believe that it helps to keep our environment calm. The Ganesha idol or statue is one of the most common god's idols that you can find in any home (Especially Hindu home).  It is believed that Lord Ganesha is the bearer of good health, wealth and prosperity and also protects us from the evils. Thus it is considered to very auspicious to place the idol of Lord Ganesha either at our home or at the workplace.

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One can find various types of Ganesha murti online at We broadly have four types of Ganesha idol which can be categorised according to their postures. The most common idol is with the sitting posture. It is believed to represent the calm and relaxed aspect of Lord Ganesha. In this way, he keeps a watch over the entire family or your workplace. This also represents his meditating posture. The second most common posture is the standing posture. This represents the right attitude, watchfulness and rigidity of Lord Ganesha. One can often find murtis of this posture in offices and also at homes. The third posture is the dancing posture of Ganesha which represents his power and might. The fourth is the reclining posture of Ganesha. This particular idol is not generally used for worshipping and rather is seen as a creative art form. It represents the luxury, comfort and royalty of Lord Ganesha.

Always ensure that you keep the idol of Lord Ganesha on a raised platform or a wooden table. You can also place a bowl of rice at the feet of the idol to ensure good luck and prosperity.

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