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  • Bucket Shaped Chandelier With Hanging Lamp Shades In Red (3 Shades)
Bucket Shaped Chandelier With Hanging Lamp Shades In Red (3 Shades)

Bucket Shaped Chandelier With Hanging Lamp Shades In Red (3 Shades)

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  • Our Price $45
  • Discount 20%
  • SKUEL-003-130
  • ColorBASE: Brown, SHADES: Red
  • MaterialBASE: Mango Wood, SHADES: Cotton Cloth Wrapped Over Polyvinyl
  • Dimension TOTAL (H) = (29.5), CHANDELIER (L * W * H) = (9.0 * 5.0 * 20.5), SHADES (H * DIA) = (4.6 * 6) Inch
  • Note 1) The bulb & the holder type B-22. 2) Comes with 3 hanging shades. 3) Bulb is not included. 4) As this product is handcrafted there might be a slight color or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.
  • Art Type Handcrafted & Handpainted
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  • Cash on Delivery Available
  • International Shipping Available
  • Delivery Time 3-5 Business Days


Delicately hand-crafted and skillfully hand-painted in Rajasthan, this bucket shaped chandelier has an unusual ethnic feel to it. Embellished in detailed painting, the 3 red cloth shades hang like buckets of paint to the mango wood base. The addition of tiny bells along the edge of the wooden base add to the aesthetics and looks stunning when light falls dim through these cloth shades. The compact design and simple utility carries with itself an aura of the gleaming colours of Rajasthan and the warmth of the reddish-golden sun on the desert horizon to your favourite spaces, making them homely, cozy and radiating with rich Indian heritage.

- This stylish Chandelier is perfect to be put up in a living room or bedroom to elevate the class & sheen of your home.
- Comes with 3 hanging shades to add the right amount of radiance in your surroundings.
- Elegant artwork has been done on the shades & the bells have been attached to the edges of the wooden base to give it an ethnic look.
- The base has been handcrafted in Mango Wood while the shades have been made in cotton cloth wrapped around Polyvinyl.
- The wooden base comes in brown colour while the shades have been hand-painted in red.
- Comes in the following dimensions:
TOTAL: 29.5" (H),
CHANDELIER: 9.0" (L), 5.0" (W), 20.5" (H),
SHADES: 4.6" (H), 6" (Dia) Inch in size.
- It will definitely add a striking glow to the interiors of your home.

When the golden light of the sun falls on the western part of the country, it’s not just the landscape which is illuminated. Brightly coloured clothing and turbans, camels in dazzling gear and a myriad of shrub-impressions on the scenery; are some of the signature characters of Rajasthan. Home to some of the most ancient cities, Rajasthan is draped in scenic architecture and vibrant culture. The mundane landscape is specked with civilisations of colour, brought alive by the strong sunlight n the day and twinkling lights at night. Wall hangings, camel accessories, miniature paintings and brightly printed fabric drapes Rajasthan in a royal palette of colour and detail.

Inspired from the land of colours, Indian artisans have skilfully handcrafted this beautiful collection of chandeliers & hanging lamps in a variety of materials; hand-painted in an extensive palette of colours to bring the golden happiness of the desert sun to your favourite spaces draped in rich Indian colours. Minimalistic hanging lamps & chandeliers handmade in metal, wood, jute and hand painted in Rajasthan, these ethnic lamps have been made specially for the modern day experience and the use of a rich colour palette makes them universal for spaces. Detailed cutwork on the lamps lets the light pass through the colours in beautiful forms that are cast as shadows, spreading an aura of calm and tranquility with a pinch of fun, just how we like it.

This collection of lights ‘Colour & Shade’ is a treasure trove, handmade with love, that brings the colours, happiness and warmth of one of the most vibrant cultures of India to your favourite spaces.

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