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Put up a home-bar with some help of ExclusiveLane

We all need a time and place to unwind ourselves after a long week of tiring work at the office or finishing up a strict deadline. Or maybe we are just meeting our friends after a long time or maybe partying for some special occasions. We may our favourite bar or we may set up a bar of ourselves at your home. Setting up a bar at home may sound like a fun idea, but it isn’t such an easy task to do it in a jiffy. One has to invest some time thinking about the essentials such as the barware (including the bar glasses, bar accessories and most importantly space). Chilling with your friends at the comforts of your home is indeed heavenly and calming, with no worries of drink and drive and thus complete safety and security. We at are here to make your home an even better place with a range of barware including bar glasses and bar accessories.

Buy the right Bar Glasses and Bar Accessories Online from

The foremost important thing is to select a place for your bar. You can select a spacious corner of your drawing room or some portion of your kitchen or dining room. Make sure that your guests feel comfortable at your small and cosy place. The next essential stuff are your bar glasses. Opt for stemmed glasses if you want to enjoy some chilled drinks as they prevent the heat from your fingers to be transferred to the glass. There are various types of wine glasses available at, so you can pick the one which has a wide opening and a long stem. We also have a special type of glass known as the Champagne Flute, which has a narrow, thin flute like design to help produce the long-lasting and perfect bubbles of the Champagne. Who can forget the perfect sip of Martini from the classic cocktail glass? Make sure that the glass has a wide opening with a thick stem and you can enjoy your drink either shaken or stirred with a perfect cherry at the bottom of the bar glass. The old fashioned chubby bar glasses (Without the stem) are the perfect choice if you wish to drink whiskey or beer with lots of ice. The stout and short glass can accommodate huge chunks of ice and you can also directly build your drink in the glass. How can we forget our favourite mini shot glassed for those quick vodka shots with lime?

Spice up your place with little Bar Accessories

Don’t forget to add in some little bar accessories like corkscrew, bottle opener, cocktail shaker etc. They are quite essential if you want to set up a home bar and chill or party with your friends.