About ExclusiveLane

No doubt, India one of the most beautiful country is often recalled for carrying in their ancient traditional and culture as they were followed years back. This culture rich country has various ancient artisan and their handicraft products that are still hidden from their original identity and escapes to get their really worth in not only urban but also, in the global market.

Thus, here comes that is extensively born out of love for handicraft products. The company is desirous to exclusively handpicked handicraft products from rural artisans from different parts of India and let them to discover their talents through their beautiful handicrafts products. We are termed to exhibit diversity and heritage & authentic products to the urban consumers at an affordable price, preserving traditional art.

Customer Serve & Quality – We feel proud to bring to the notice that we lay deep heart service to make our customers serve the very best products from our online store at reasonable price. Apart, we never compromise with subject of quality while catering beautiful and unique home décor items. Thus, can be recalled to be one stop solution for best customer service with prime and exquisite quality of home décor products in comparison to its all close competitors.

Our Mission

Being inspired by the versatile, traditional and since ages followed culture with importance of the handicraft culture, have adored to step into the world of exhibiting handicraft products to the domestic as well as international market. The company is headed up with solemn goal to provide economic upliftments of the artisans that are involved in preserving the heritage of the handicrafts industry in India.

Our Vision

To maximize the use of the handicraft in urban India as well as in the overseas countries and let the ancient traditional artisan to know their international importance through their wide spread talent in most easy way.

Why We Are Different

  • To bridge the gap between the handicraft lovers and the traditional artisan through exhibiting their products on global premises, our team interacts directly with the artisan, helping them to develop international quality products.
  • We led them to follow contemporary designs, advanced technological know-how, good packaging and raw material, thereby providing sustainable income to the artisans.
  • The company tends to make handicraft products mainstream in urban India as well as abroad.
  • We aim at creating a globally recognized brand of handcrafted products especially procured from rural India while providing exclusive and quality handicrafts to urban India at affordable price procured directly from rural India.
  • We provide for the employment of rural Indians thus creating entrepreneurs in rural India by promoting fair trade.
  • Last but not the least we lay stress to preserve India’s traditional and contemporary that has been regarded as precious gift to the craftsmen from the ancestors ages before.